Cyberattack hits Finnish Parliament

Finnish Parliament confirms cyberattack where hackers gained entry to the internal IT system and compromised the Finnish MPs’ email accounts.

Parliament officials reported that their technical surveillance team discovered a cyberattack where email accounts belonging to Finnish MPs were compromised.

Finnish Central Criminal Police (KRP) is currently investigating the security incident with international law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ support.

KRP Commissioner Tero Muurman stated that the attack is likely part of a cyberespionage campaign carried out by nation-state actors, but it did not cause any damage to the Parliament’s infrastructure.   

“At this stage, one alternative is that unknown factors have been able to obtain information through the hacking, either for the benefit of a foreign state or to harm Finland,” Muurman said.

“The theft has affected more than one person, but unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact number without jeopardizing the ongoing preliminary investigation. This case is exceptional in Finland, serious due to the quality of the target and unfortunate for the victims.”

Parliament speaker Anu Vehvilainen said that any hostile cyber activity, whether carried out by government or non-governmental bodies, cannot be accepted.

“In order to strengthen cybersecurity, we need our own national measures as well as active action at the EU level and in other international cooperation,” she added.

Norway’s Parliament disclosed a similar breach earlier where hackers gained access to the internal email system.

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