Data breach broker is selling data stolen from 26 companies

Security experts reported that a data breach broker is selling the allegedly stolen user records from twenty-six companies on a hacker forum.

Data stolen from companies by threat actors and hacking groups are commonly sold through data breach brokers, who advertise and sell the data for them. The data breach brokers will market the stolen data by creating posts on hacker forums and dark web marketplace.

“Last Friday, a data broker began selling the combined total of 368.8 million stolen user records for twenty-six companies on a hacker forum,” reported Bleeping Computer.

“Teespring is being sold for $3,800-$4,000, MyON for $2,800, and Chqbook for $1,800. The broker has not decided on pricing for the other databases.” 

The full record of affected companies published by BleepingComputer is listed below,

Company User Records Known? 8.2 million No 13 million No
Chqbook 1 million No 4.1 million No 1.4 million No 1.7 million No 1 million No 8 million No 100 million Yes 6 million Yes 1.7 million Yes 20 million Yes 5.8 million Yes ( 4 million SAP client data 1.3 million Yes 4.3 million Yes 8.1 million Yes 2.2 million Yes 2.9 million Yes 2.9 million Yes ( 53 million Yes 7.8 million Yes 33 million Yes 60 million Yes 1.2 million Yes 16 million Yes

Some companies confirmed the incident to BleepingComputer while others claim that they haven’t suffered any security breach.

Chqbook reported to BleepingComputer that no data breach and no information belonging to customers is compromised. As data security is a key priority area, they conduct periodic security audits to ensure their customers’ safety.

If you have an account at any of the above-listed sites, the users are recommended to change your passwords to a strong, unique one used only at that site.

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